Static Charges and Web Control in High Speed Printing and Processing

“Controlling tension and wander on any web process is difficult, especially where the feed reel has variations in winding accuracy or tension. However, where the web material is non-conductive these difficulties are compounded by the forces induced by electrostatic charges in the web," explains Graham Dawson of Renmar. This company is the ...

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The All New Eltex R60 Discharging Bar

R60 Discharging Bar Versatile. Compact. Powerful. With innovative resistor technology is the first of its kind and is sure to impress by offering increased performance and added flexibility. The newly patented AC discharging bar with a freestanding air-supported spring tip achieves a very high passive discharge effect, which enables active...

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The All New Integrated Eltex SDS Smart Discharging System

SDS Discharging System The new Eltex SDS Static Discharge bars provide a stand-alone discharge bar which does not require an expensive High Voltage Power Supply. Instead, it uses a simple 24V power supply, either taken from a machine control circuit, or via a simple commercial power supply. The SDS is ideal for those one-off problems which...

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