The All New Eltex R60 Discharging Bar

R60 Discharging Bar


Versatile. Compact. Powerful.

With innovative resistor technology is the first of its kind and is sure to impress by offering increased performance and added flexibility. The newly patented AC discharging bar with a freestanding air-supported spring tip achieves a very high passive discharge effect, which enables active operation even at a low level of high voltage AC. A small amount of air can be blown through the hollow spring tip to increase the range and to continuously clean the emission tips.

The bar's aluminum profile is equipped with a highly insulating, mechanically robust layer that, in combination with the freestanding spring tip, causes a significant increase in ion production. The new R60 Eltex bar features excellent discharging results at low and maximum speeds. The special feature here is that the discharge performance remains constant from short distances up to large ranges. It is exactly this wide-ranging performance that characterizes the R60 as the only discharging bar in the world that can be used in different geometric situations – even in narrow, grounded machine environments.


  • flexible, freestanding emission tips with new resistor technology
  • integrated air duct with R60L wear-protected emission tips
  • excellent discharge performance at close and wide range
  • high range at the lowest possible level of high operating voltage
  • increased ion production using the same voltage
  • versatile use in narrow and grounded machine environments